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Beng invited to a party held by an English speaking club in Kyoto, I took a short trip to Kyoto by train. Soon after I reached the meeting place, about a dozen of self-introductions followed. Then a lady in Kimono came into the room with her rolling carry-on bag. She unpacked the bag and started making a simple set neatly for her Rakugo performance. She is the woman Rakugo performer. Her name is Sayohime.



つい先日、京都で活動していた英語クラブのOB会からお招きをいただいた。その会の余興で英語落語をしている『小夜姫』さんという方が登場した。小夜姫さん は現在は専門学校で英語の講師をしながら、フリーとして国内外の様々な場所で英語落語を披露しているそうで、女性で英語落語をするのは、実は日本で彼女だ けということだ。

# by tabi-no-suke | 2017-02-08 00:33
I had to go to the Osaka Central Public Hall the other day to take care of some business. I took this picture on the way back home. The public hall is situated on a small island in the Ohi-gawa river which connects with the Yodo-gawa river.

The building shows a retrospective appearance called "Neo-Renaissance style". It was built in 1918 by the donation from Einosuke Iwamoto, a broker in the Osaka stock market. He made a bonanza in the market and wanted to use the money for something useful for the public, as Andrew Carnegie constructed a music hall in New York city. Einosuke's donation to the city of Osaka was 1million yen at that time. In the current value, it is equivalent to billions of yen. But unfortunately, he died before the completion of the building.

During the day time, the building looks good and visitors take pictures as the background of their photos as usual. In the night, the wholly spotlighted building looks very interesting and makes me think of this stock broker and his days. 



昔、 岩本栄之助という株の仲買人が大儲けをして、その儲けをアメリカの実業家のように社会のために役立つことに使いたいと考えました。それがこの中央公会堂で す。寄付は当時のお金で100万円だったということですが、現在の貨幣価値に換算すると数十億円になるのではないかということです。残念ながら栄之助は公 会堂の完成を待たずに世を去ってしまいました。昼間はその美しい外観が観光で訪れるた人々の目を引きますが、こうしてライトアップされた夜の公会堂もなか なか趣があっていい感じです。

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Zodiac Sign 十二支


According to the Chinese astrology, this year's zodiac sign is Rooster. The last year's zodiac sign was Monky. Next year will be Dog, by the way. They sell rooster figures at Shrines like this picture. 
Yes, of course, we got one!


# by tabi-no-suke | 2017-01-15 00:29 | Tradition

First Visit of Shrine 初詣

My wife and I paid a New year's visit to Iwashimizu-hachimangu shrine, located at the top of Otoko-yama mountain in the sothern part of Kyoto. Taking the Keihan Line to Yawata-shi station, we then transfered to a cable car from there. After five-minute ride, the cable car reached the top. It took about one hour from where I live, Osaka.

The enshrined Kami (deity) of the Iwashimizu-hachimangu shrine is "Ohjin Tennoh" who was an emperor of ancient time Japan, supposedly around 5th century. He has been considered the Kami of martial arts. So in the past, many Samurai revered him and paid visits to this Hachimangu shrine for that reason.




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